A view on Amateur Arts

The Amateur Arts Forum/Forum voor Amateurkunsten launches this brochure to present the main results of the population and member surveys into amateur arts in Flanders to an international audience. This way we want to make sure further research into the amateur arts remains a top priority both in Belgium and abroad.

This sociological research (2009) was conducted by the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) and Ghent University. About 2,250 people took part in the population survey, offering a representative sample of the population in Flanders and Brussels. In addition, a member survey was conducted amongst some 5,500 members/registered affiliates of the nine amateur art organizations.

One third of the Flemish population practises a creative hobby in their free time. Among youngsters this number of frequent practitioners even amounts to 65%. Apart from personal development and learning new things, social motives like a cosy atmosphere and spending time with friends play an important role. 


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