European Memorandum

The Board of AMATEO, the European Network for Active Participation in Cultural Activities launched a memorandum in the light of the European elections 2014. This memorandum reflects the input and support of the members of AMATEO and is intended to give profile to a largely undervalued part of society that is pretty much taken for granted. It intends to give attention to the field of amateur arts as a core item in culture that drives society, economy, development and innovation. 

In this memorandum we ask that policy makers and politicians recognise the role that the local choir, town jazz band, amateur theatre group play within civil society and accept their responsibility towards supporting amateur arts and culture. Policy makers have the chance to provide the tools to citizens and communities to use the amateur arts and culture to create, define identity, speak out and shape society.

Download the memorandum here. 

Distribution of the Memorandum

This Memorandum is released and circulated from Tuesday 29th April 2014 as agreed by the AMATEO Board. By circulating this Memorandum to the right people collectively as AMATEO Members we can make a strong case to members of the European Parliament.

You can find guidance on whom to approach from the cultural contact desk in your country. Information:

The Creative Europe desk in each country should also receive the AMATEO Memorandum and may provide contact information on European policy makers and representatives in your country.

The Memorandum can be distributed using various means of communication eg newsletters, direct mailing, facebook link etc. On your right you find a supporting letter from the Board of AMATEO setting the Memorandum in context and inviting recipients to a dialogue.

AMATEO hopes to stimulate dialogue on the value of the amateur arts at the highest level and to attract the support needed from government policymakers at local, regional/federal, national and international levels.

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